PEX HYDRAULICS Durban was established in Kwa Zulu Natal in 1988 by Andre` van Rooyen and Sean White as a branch of a Cape Town based company Pex Hydraulics. The primary focus at this stage was the repair and supply of hydraulic pumps and motors centralized workshop in Cape Town.

However in1993 this changed with the establishment of our KZN workshop facility in New Germany / Pinetown. At this stage additional products were added to our workshop capabilities to include the repair of cylinders, valves and manufacture and repair of power packs.

A quality system was instituted and accredited by the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) Thus ensures that we comply with a specific procedural process including those related to health and safety.

Pex Hydraulics KZN later then aligned itself with Commercial Shearing a Parker owned company internationally giving Pex access to a large range of new hydraulic components which include piston, vane and gear pumps, motors, valves and orbitals

In 2005 Pex Durban was appointed the official Commercial Shearing distributors for KZN and thus the named Commercial Shearing was incorporated.

We are an equal opportunity company with a firm belief in promoting people from the previously disadvantaged groups. We are transparent in all our dealing and have adopted an open door policy with our people. We commit ourselves to the requirements of labour legislation by upholding the labour relations act, the basic conditions of employment act, the equity act and the skills development act. Our core business is the manufacture, re-manufacturers and supply of hydraulic components. Our products and services include the manufacture and repair of hydraulic cylinders (single acting double acting and telescopic) Supply new and repair of hydraulic pumps and motors including gear vane and piston, repair and supply of various orbital steering valves and other valves and various other hydraulic related components. We repair and manufacture various size power packs.

Other units imported and supplied by us are replacement units and parts for Linde, Hydromatik, Kawasaki, Vickers, Sundstrand,Eaton and Parker.

We also carry a considerable stock holding which include Commercial, Kawasaki, Linde Parker complete pumps, motors cylinders valves orbitals and various others spares etc.

When it comes to COMMERCIAL SHEARING products and services the spectrum of applications or the services and products is quite broad and includes cast iron and aluminium units used in the various industrial, mining and construction and therefore there are interested parties in nearly all industrial business sectors whether they are micro-, small, medium or large corporate businesses.

It is the goal of Commercial Shearing to become world class in the provision of hydraulic and pneumatic repairs, remanufacture and supply and the preferred supplier in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Southern Africa. It is our primary focus to provide support to our Customer that satisfies or exceeds their expectations. Commercial Shearing aims to supply a service of remanufacture and repair that is more cost effective than replacement with new product, but where the product performance is equivalent to, if not better than, the original equipment manufacturers specifications.

Commercial Shearing KZN is constantly striving for new levels of service excellence