PEX Hydraulics utilises a sophisticated test bench which is a diagnostic tool capable of thoroughly testing a vast array of new and repaired pumps and motors before installation on a hydraulic system. The system boasts a 160KW variable speed motor capable of testing from 0 to 1450 RPM. Turbine flow meters are used to accurately measure flows up to 600 litres per minute and pressure transducers to measure pressures up to 40Mpa. The bench incorporates 10 micron return filters and 5 micron pressure filters to ensure optimum cleanliness levels are maintained so that newly rebuilt pumps are not subjected to harmful levels of dirt as well as having a boosted suction to prevent cavitation on start up. FTS software is utilised which converts the readings from the transducers to a graph which is recorded and stored in a PDF format and can be printed or emailed directly from the test bench to the client.




We repair and make up a variety of cast iron, (Gear and Piston), and aluminium pumps. These pumps are then tested using the previously mentioned sophisticated test bench to ensure the pump works as it is suppose to. Test reports are available with the pump as proof of their working capability.


We manufacture and repair hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Each cylinder is tested after repair to ensure that it is in good working condition and can perform to the best of its ability in your place of work.